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You might not be able to install much but they’re one of the richest companies in the world for a reason


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How often do you say “Google it” & not “look it up online”?

Clients whose brands now do the selling for them 👇

Acorn & Crow

Popular Etsy store of 500k+ sales

1. redefined, scalable brand identity

2. easy-to-understand brand guidelines

Acorn & Crow rapidly found success without a concrete brand identity. Long story short: they have one now 😎


#1 mobile app marketing agency

1. website redesign abiding by current branding

2. instant increase in inbound leads

Apptuitive's strength lies in its brand. Our goal was to transform their website into something prospective clients immediately resonate with.

Kind Innovator

Not-for-profit charity

1. social posts designed with virality in mind

2. blank templates for future posts

We helped Kind Innovator kickstart their social media efforts with blank templates for easy content creation + some ready-to-use posts.


London’s upcoming wellness marketplace

1. heuristic evaluation of existing UI designs

2. MVP UI redesign ahead of fundraising

We assisted Wellmatch in redesigning their in-house UI designs, setting the stage for a successful first round of fundraising.


Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ meal tracking app

1. modern UI/UX overhaul

2. featured by Apple 2 times in 2 months

Award-winning app, Meals, was in dire need of a fix-up to keep pace with larger competitors. Within 2 months, Apple featured the app twice.

Ad variants

Partnering with marketing agencies

1. consistently outperforming KPIs

2. generated 1M+ click-throughs

Over the years, we have collaborated with some incredible marketing agencies to turn their ad concepts into engaging ads that convert.


Bootstrapped astrology app

1. reworked homescreen icon

2. significantly improved CR %

A small change can oftentimes make a BIG difference. In Zodiac’s case, redesigning the app’s icon was enough to dramatically improve conversion rates for new users.

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A Top-rated Upwork freelancer commissioned by renowned enterprises & emerging startups; there probably isn’t a hex code that she hasn’t used in the last 8 years.
Top skills
  • - Graphic design
  • - Illustration
  • - Web design & development
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Being a sucker for conjuring up relatable brand narratives, Jack has spent his career working with successful D2C & B2B brands on strategic positioning to captivate their dream markets.
Top skills
  • - Market & trend research
  • - Brand positioning
  • - Copywriting
Things I love

We focus our energy on...


Whether you’re an emerging startup or an existing business that needs a refresh — our wands are at the ready

Brand strategy

Without a clear brand strategy, you become prone to spending on marketing without a clear focus

Bold > boring

A brand without a personality is like a book without words

Cultural nuances

Words have different meanings in different cultures. Rule #1 of branding: don’t alienate your audience

Unspoken wizardry

We can’t speak too much about magic in the real world, but you’d be amazed at what we can do


Visual identity

Stand out from the crowd
  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Typography
  • Illustrations
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual style guide

Full brand identity

Don’t just be seen, be heard
  • Complete visual identity
  • Brand positioning
  • Market research
  • Social media kit
  • Tone of voice
  • Copywriting

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Web design

UI/UX design

Deck design

Ad design

Social posts

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